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I am the Founder of Haplocare, a company that transforms mental health support during pregnancy and the postpartum periods using evidence-based medicine. It started off as frustration in not being able to find a solution for myself for postpartum depression and then evolved into a realization that I am not alone and there are millions of women and men who are left on their own with nowhere to turn to when they are overwhelmed by parenting. 

After spending years climbing the corporate ladder doing research & development and enjoying it, now I am doing something that speaks directly to my heart. I believe that no one should be without access to proper healthcare in this day and age. And especially, if something is preventable and treatable. And I am not resting until screening and treating mental health conditions during the perinatal time is a reality.

You can read more about Haplocare's mission and journey here and here. If it resonates with you and you want to join the cause of accessible mental healthcare to all, send me a note here.

Thanks for stopping by and stay healthy, 


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