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  • Sonali Quantius

The Haplocare App is here!

I have not been contributing to the blog posts as often as I should have due to a simple reason - I was very busy trying to get the Haplocare app launched as the first product of Haplocare.

So what does the Haplocare app do?

1. It enables pregnant women and new mothers to screen themselves for anxiety and depression. It empowers the women to take mental health screening into their own hands when the healthcare system fails them (as it did for me). And reach out for help before it is too late.

2. It provides a safe, anonymous, and secure place for pregnant women and new mothers to find peer support. They can reach out to others by joining support circles that are relevant to their struggles (e.g, for loss, fertility issues, depression). Knowing that I am not alone/not going crazy would have been the first step for me at that time.

3. Every month, we invite a perinatal expert to talk about a topic in a particular support circle with evidence-based science behind it. It is an audio room, so women and their partners can ask questions anonymously to an expert, instead of getting conflicting advice from the internet.

That's it for now.

The Haplocare app is the start of the journey - providing access to support in a confusing, stigmatized, and overwhelming time in a woman's life. The next step is to connect these women to the right and accurate screening and care at the right time, which is what we are working on in the background.

There are way too many women (and men) out there pretending that they are ecstatic to be parents while struggling inside. We need to end this narrative. Pregnancy and parenthood are hard. I hope Haplocare supports everyone who is struggling at this time and changes this narrative so that taking care of mental health is as common as taking care of physical health at this time.

If you know pregnant women or new mothers (or their partners) in your network (anywhere in the world), please share it with them. It is free, secure (GDPR compliant), anonymous and can save someone's life if we reach them on time.

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